Since you've been gone

What!? It's already the end of June? How did that happen? Oh yeah, I moved house and worked a tone. Things are settling down and I'm excited to share some new finds with you all soon. In the mean time here are snippets of my month from instagram (i'm islabell)

I'll be in New York for the 4th, so get in touch you East Coast ladies! xo


Oh hello there

windhoek2 windhoek04 windhoek3

Oh hey guys! It's been a while. San Francisco has been crazy lately! Crazy good, crazy changes, crazy everything. So, I'm home in Namibia for a couple weeks catching up. I'll share some shots from a camping trip we took soon. 

Whenever I'm home I dress more like Indiana Jones than anything else, but it's been really nice having this dress to pop on. It arrived in the mail right before I left and I'm stoked I chucked it in my suitcase! 



1 4 3 6 2 It felt like summer arrived this weekend, it was sunny and warm enough to leave your jacket behind. I spent all Sunday outside with friends, dodging drunk folks dressed in green.

Free People sent me this sweet Fedora last week, i've been wearing it a lot, it makes me feel like i'm channeling my inner explorer. Funny how throwing on a hat can make you feel transformed. Free People made this cute video to go along with their new collection. Check it out!

Fedora hat: Free People
Vintage shoes: thrifted
Vintage skirt: thrifted
Vintage shirt: thrifted
Vintage bag: thrifted


grateful dead

indigo3 indigo4 indigo1 indigo6 indigo7

Here are a couple of firsts for you! First time heidi braids and first time tie-dye shirt. I need more of both in my life. This blouse was a $2 thrift store experiment turned everyday staple, it came out a little Grateful Dead, but I have big plans in the pipeline.

This weekend is looking pretty epic, i'm headed to The White Elephant Sale over in Oakland on Sunday. That magical sale was one of the first things I ever blogged about, and now I am tripping out on a trip down memory lane. 

Boots: Rachel Comey
Jeans: J Brand from Buffalo Exchange 
Tote: In The Make
Silk shirt: thrifted and then DIY indigo 
Jacket: Forever 21



Hello hello and happy belated valentines! I'm not really one for celebrating the day of lurve but it does mark the day I moved to the states. I've been here FIVE YEARS now, which is crazy, lots has happened but it still feels like yesterday I was plodding through the rain in Edinburgh. 

Vintage wool trousers: thrifted 
Vintage nautical shirt: a gift from a friend
Vintage wool cardigan: thrifted
Vintage leather purse: thrifted
Leather babydoll shoes; Topshop


look down

Oh yeah, more instagram photos of my feet. It's been rainy the past few days which has been awesome, i've had some much needed, guilty free, zoning out in my bedroom time.  @islabell 


John Paul Trlica

I recently stumbled upon John Paul Trlica's photography. He had a studio in Granger, Texas from 1909 into the mid-1950s. He took portraits of nearly everyone in the area and documented family, business, and community activities. As a result his photographs give you a real feel for what life was like in central Texas in those days. All photographs from Harry Ransom Center.